Signs Your Commercial Building May Need a New Roof

By on 06/05/2015

Determine Whether It’s Time to Hire Commercial Roofers

Commercial buildings usually need more frequent roof repairs than residential ones simply because they are bigger and the roof is more prone to damage. That’s why, as a business owner, you should make sure your roof gets all the attention it needs. However, all roofs have a lifespan, and when they reach it, repairs are not longer an economical option. You may need a roof replacement. Here are some signs that your roof has reached the peak of its life.

  • Leaks in Multiple Places

It’s not uncommon for a roof to develop leaks once in a while. Commercial roofers can patch them immediately and fix the issue. However, if multiple leaks occur in short periods of time, it means your roof’s moisture barrier has declined significantly. This is a clear sign that you may have to replace it soon.

  • Exterior Light Showing Through

When you can see sunshine through your roof, then it’s a sign you need to call commercial roofers as soon as possible. Exterior light can be seen when roofing separates from exhaust pipes, chimneys or other elements that extend through the roof. Sometimes, these issues can be fixed by sealing the gaps. However, if the gaps are too big, you may need extensive repair.

  • Brown Spots on Ceiling Panels

Brown spots on ceiling panels indicate one of two issues: a leaking roof or leaking pipes. You may have to call a roofing contractor and have them identify what causes the problem. If it’s a leaking pipe, then you need to consult a plumber as to how to proceed with the repair. If the roof is the problem, then have your roofer determine whether the leak can be patched or more extensive repairs are needed.

  • Sagging Roof Decking

This is a tragedy waiting to happen. If sections of your roof appear bowed inward, then you must immediately have the roof inspected by a professional. Praxis Industries Inc offers roof replacement, repair an maintenance services for all commercial clients in N. Miami, FL. If you need an expert roofer taking care of your roofing needs, then call us at (786) 488-3141.

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